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totalTRANS is a leading company provider in mobility and smart cities solutions for CEE Market. The transport is the “neuro-system” of each city. The bigger city the larger and more complicated system it is. Together with our partners our solutions, with a strong focus on the transport efficiency and safety, are the new brain behind.

Our solutions are ranging from Real-time optimization for fleet and driver scheduling, through Smart traffic analytics for cities, safety-critical driving up to an autonomous vehicle driving and other future technology solutions.

Our company is based on over 25 years of collective experience in mobility, ICT security and other solutions. We are representing leading companies in mobility, smart city and transportation solution on the Central and Eastern European markets.

Our people are from the top leading innovation companies. They have set up a several successful businesses in Europe and theirs developed innovative ideas are now recognised across the World. 

We deliver future mobility solutions. Today! 

Our People

Every company is based on people. Our team is build on knowledge & experience.
We can offer you professionals strongly focused on delivery.

Ori Harel

Ori Harel


Martin Kubisa


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Focused on Public Transportation



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